Where To Store Your Seed Phrase

Bitcoin seed phrase metal plate and paper recovery sheet
Bitcoin seed phrase metal seed plate and paper recovery sheet

When taking self-custody of your Bitcoin, proper seed phrase security and storage measures run paramount. Your seed phrase (typically 12-24 words) is first given to you when you open any self-custodial wallet. From there, it is advisable to back up the seed phrase as it is effectively a physical representation of your private keys that encapsulates all the data necessary to recover them should anything happen. This means that if someone got a hold of your seed phrase, they would be able to steal your funds, hence the importance of proper security and storage measures.

Best Practices For Seed Phrase Storage

It is always advisable to store your seed phrase in a secure, offline location and never share it with anyone. While it is very common to write your seed phrase down on paper, consider using physical backups like metal plates or other fireproof and waterproof materials to ensure durability and protection from environmental hazards.

Back up your seed phrase

Regularly create backups of your seed phrase and periodically verify their security and integrity. Store these backups in secure locations, and consider multiple locations for added fault tolerance. This ensures you can always access your funds if your wallet or device is lost, damaged, or discontinued.

Keep your seed phrase offline

Store your seed phrase in a secure, offline location to prevent hacking or unauthorized access. Do not store your seed phrase in an online document or in a note or photograph on your phone. Consider using a cold wallet (such as a hardware device like Ledger, Trezor, Foundation, or ColdCard) to generate your seed phrase completely offline for extra peace of mind.

Store in a safe location

Keep your seed phrase in a safe, accessible, and trustworthy location such as a personal safe. Be cautious with safety deposit boxes at banks, they introduce third-party risk since your bank can access or deny you access to its contents.

Don't share your recovery phrase

Never share your seed phrase with anyone to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

Establish an inheritance protocol

Create a clear path for trusted individuals to access your seed phrase in the event of your incapacity or death, ensuring your Bitcoin is not lost. Multisignature wallets can be useful in this scenario, which we will explore more below.

Separate funds

Diversify your security measures by using multiple wallets or employing a multisignature vault, such as we offer at Theya, to minimize security risks.

How To Back Up Seed Phrase

As previously mentioned, backing up your seed phrase involves writing down your 12-24 words and storing them in a secure and secret location.

Set Up Your Hardware Wallet

When you set up a self-custody wallet, it will generate a seed phrase. Write this down immediately and ensure its accuracy. Your hardware wallet will have you re-enter your recovery phrase during the setup process to confirm it is correct.

Paper for a quick backup

Use paper to write down your seed phrase for a quick and easy backup. Store it in a safe place, but be aware that paper is vulnerable to water, fire, and physical damage.

Steel for water/fire protection

For maximum durability and protection, consider engraving or stamping your seed phrase onto a steel plate. This method ensures resistance to fire, water, or other physical hazards.


Securing your Bitcoin through proper seed phrase storage is a critical aspect of self-custody. By following best practices, such as using durable materials for backups and keeping your phrase offline, you can significantly reduce the risk of losing your funds. It’s essential to continue educating yourself about Bitcoin and self-custody to ensure the highest level of security for your assets. Check out our Bitcoin Basics post to deepen your knowledge for a more comprehensive understanding.

If you want enhanced security, consider using Theya's multisig vault solution. Multisig, short for multisignature, adds an extra layer of protection by requiring multiple private keys to authorize transactions and access your Bitcoin. This means that your funds remain secure even if one key is compromised. Learn more about how Theya’s multisig vault can safeguard your Bitcoin here.